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ISBN 1878058703
LIBRO Info world DOS 6 secrets
AUTOR Ainsbury RD.
EDICION N/T AÑO 1993 # Ejemplar 1
EDITORIAL IDG Books Worldwide
VOL/TOMO #Pag. 954    
PAIS USA CIUDAD Estados Unidos    
Fecha CatalogaciÓn 2017-06-27 Fecha AutomatizaciÓn 2017-06-27
Sumario Taking an Aerial View of DOS 6; Mastering the Top DOS Commands; Protecting and Recovering That Irreplaceable Data; Making Your Hard Disk Faster, Bigger, and Safer; Maximizing Memory; Taking Control of the Display and Keyboard; Juggling IRQs, DMAs, Buses, Device Drivers, and Other Whats Its; Power System Configuration Techniques